Friday, March 11, 2011

SRC Violations Posted

The SRC has worked through and entered the papers that were submitted last week.

To view violations use the teacher project review:

For more information on how to use the teacher project review go to:

At this point we are asking that if you are missing complete sets of paperwork for a project these MUST be submitted to me ASAP! (this means your SRC columns are completely blank)

NOTE: The database was cleaned yesterday and all double entries were removed – this may mean a project that had submitted SRC entries could show nothing if we erased the Project ID the SRC review used during their entry process.  If you think this may be the case contact me.

If you are missing a couple of forms please collect these from your students and bring with you to registration at the fair.  You will be given a pink slip noting SRC violation for the project when you register.  You take the slip and the paperwork asked for to the SRC booth and they will clear you.  Be sure the PROJECT ID is on the paperwork.  The Project ID number is how we have all your papers sorted so please be sure you have it on the forms.

Please note we ask that every project have a complete set of SRC/registration paperwork with them at the fair.  It is best if they are in the project notebook or a folder of some type.  The paperwork needs to be available & clearly VISIBLE during the SRC floor review on Friday morning.

If you have questions regarding any of your violations you should e-mail Chris Minion, SRC Chair 

For more information regarding the SSTFI please visit our website at

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