Monday, February 28, 2011

Checking On-line Registrations & SRC Violations

There is a link set up so you may check all the entries for your school/class.
Go to the bottom of the information on this page – under STUDENT REGISTRATION Project Review – you will see the link:
Project Review for Teachers

Click on the link and you will be asked to enter your e-mail address (be sure to use the one you registered your teacher registration under).

This will then show you a database of all the students/projects registered under your name/school.

If for some reason a student missed the ID # on their Signature Forms this can be found under the PROJECT ID column (do NOT use the Student ID).

Please use this to check for:
·        doubled up projects
·        missing projects
·        misspellings
·        electricity needs
·        correct category
·        correct award category listings, etc.

If any item needs corrected please let me know and we will work on cleaning up the database.  Get me NAME & CATEGORY changes as soon as possible as these will go to the program for print early next week.  Please note: a category mistake is very difficult to change the closer we get to the actual fair and may negatively impact the project’s judging if not caught before the Exhibit Numbers are assigned next week and the program goes to print.

If you are missing a project – please check with me before re-submitting information.  It could be that the project is in my system and for some reason just not showing up on your database and I will work to correct that.  If I don’t find them in my database than I will ask you to re-enter.

For more information regarding the SSTFI please visit our website at

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